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22-01-2021 17:30
Trans Sports Solution

I have a pretty straight forward and simple to implement solution for the "trans women in women's sports" issue that seems to be so divisive and bringing so many people in conflict about the semantics of words "woman" and "womens' sports".
The solution is simple - stop dividing sports based on either gender or biological sex. Done. Now arguing semantics is pointless.

Instead divide the sports where it is meaningful by testosterone levels similarly to how boxing is divided by weight. It's an objective measurable qualifier. No argument about semantics or wording can be made - it either meets a given threshold or it doesn't.
Testosterone should be measured regularly for at least a year before a given competition (better metric would be 3-4 years but that's starting to be expensive and too long, I understand). And the division can be really simple - a single threshold. Put it at... I don't know... let's say 4 nmol/L. Everyone who has less goes in one division, everyone who has more - into the other.

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